Personal Security Concerns

We all go about our days with a fair amount of routine. Perhaps we rely on routine to keep us on track without having to put a lot of thought into what we are doing. As I have began to deal with issues of aging I have come to realize that I can’t rely on habit as much as I used to. No matter how much I’ve relied on routine in the past, I am still starting to forget things.

A few years ago, I had a minor disagreement with the owner of the house next door to me over an irrigation pipe. Sometime later, his son, a man I’ve only ever had two encounters with, both hostile, decided to come to my front door with a concealed firearm and try to shoot me. Two shots fired and, luckily, he missed both times.

During the confrontation I had to stumble from the front door of my home into the bedroom very quickly to retrieve my shotgun. Complacency reared its ugly head. I have been carrying a firearm for personal protection and work for over 25 years, and in the aftermath of this assault all I could think of was a quote from one of my instructors: “Just because it hasn’t happened in the last ten years doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the next ten seconds”. This situation was an awakening. I survived, and was reminded to always stay alert and be prepared.

I have since installed high-definition security cameras around the exterior of my home. Since then, I have felt a lot more at peace regarding my safety and the security of my home and property. I understand not everyone wants to live like that, but remember this: Most folks have a fire extinguisher in the house. Why? It’s all about being prepared. After all, it’s better to be prepared than become a victim. Whatever measures you choose, make sure you are completely familiar with the operation of every item in your house. Know how to use your fire extinguisher. Know how to use your camera system. Know how to use that new firearm. Know how to use whatever resource is at your disposal.